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The Legacy is out on Blu-ray!

The 1978 British-American film The Legacy is officially out on Blu-ray through Scream Factory.

How far would you go to inherit everlasting life? When Margaret (Katharine Ross, The Stepford Wives) and her boyfriend Pete (Sam Elliot, The Big Lebowski, Road House) have a car accident in the English countryside, the other driver offers to take them to his lavish country estate to make amends. But once there, they are surprised to learn that all of the other houseguests are already expecting them! It’s not long before the couple’s fear turns into terror when the guests (including Roger Daltrey, Tommy) begin dying in unspeakable ways. Now it’s clear, the true master of the house is a supernatural force that will stop at nothing to find the rightful heirs for an unimaginably horrible legacy.

Official specs are below and can be ordered through Scream Factory and Amazon.

  • NEW HD Transfer From The Interpositive
  • NEW Interview With Academy Award Winning Film Editor Anne V. Coates (LAWRENCE OF ARABIA)
  • NEW Interview With Special Effects Artist Robin Grantham
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spot
  • Radio Spot
  • Photo Gallery

Runtime : 100min
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Language: English
Region: NA
Rating: R
Subtitles: English