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The Curse and Curse II Blu-ray Double Feature Coming

Scream Factory has announced the following concerning the release of The Curse and Curse II Blu-ray Double feature: THE CURSE & THE CURSE II – THE CURSE (1987) Young Zach Hayes’ (Wil Wheaton, Stand by…

List of 80's Slasher Movies Stage Fright 1987

List of 1980’s Slasher Movies

As any horror film enthusiast will tell you, the 80’s were the golden years for slasher genre. Completing an entire list is a pretty daunting task. It is sometimes difficult to classify certain movies as a…

The Legacy Blu-ray Cover

The Legacy is out on Blu-ray!

The 1978 British-American film The Legacy is officially out on Blu-ray through Scream Factory. How far would you go to inherit everlasting life? When Margaret (Katharine Ross, The Stepford Wives) and her boyfriend Pete (Sam…