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Code Red


Details and Cover Art for Zeder on Blu-ray!

You Here is an early preview of the upcoming Blu-Ray of ZEDER (aka REVENGE OF THE DEAD). Mystery, science fiction and horror fuel this pulse-pounding supernatural thriller from Italian director Pupi Avati (HOUSE OF LAUGHING…


Code Red Announces Happy Hell Night Blu-ray!

A HAPPY HELL NIGHT is Coming! On October 31, 1963, seven members of the Phi Delta Kappa Fraternity were found brutally mutilated following an occult ritual inside Winfield Mausoleum. The sole suspect, depraved priest Zachary…


Code Red Announces Monster Shark on Blu-ray!

MORE ITALIAN FILMS COMING TO CODE RED! Since American films are getting picked clean by bottom dwellers, we now have to pay for over priced Italian films. Michael Sopkiw suggest Banana man to find and…


Black Candles Delayed!

Code Red has announced on their Facebook that Black Candles will be delayed. Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, CODE RED DVD is under fire by the Eco-case loving pressing plant CINRAM over two…