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September 2017 HorrorPack

The September 2017 HorrorPack combines the seductive capabilities of an alien, the intricate hatchet skills of an American slasher, the low budget schlock of zombies, and a film trying to capitalize on the phenomenon of Stranger Things (at least in font and no where near execution).

This was my first ever introduction to what HorrorPack has to offer and overall I’m not that thrilled with what was sent. Let’s look at it in a value oriented manner first. The Blu-rays for September 2017 are the following:

  • Species
  • Hatchet III (Uncut and Unrated)
  • Zombie Night (Unrated)
  • Strange Events (HorrorPack Limited Edition Blu-ray)

Horrorpack September 2017

The Species Blu-ray currently retails on Amazon for $8.49. Keep in mind this is not the Scream Factory version but is the original MGM release from 2006. Up next is Hatchet III, another installment in Adam Green’s slasher franchise. It’s currently going on Amazon for $14.99.  Zombie Night is an Asylum film and currently goes for $8.07.  Strange Events is of course the odd man out since it’s only available on Blu-ray through HorrorPack. Then again, I believe it might only be available through HorrorPack because I can’t seem to find it for sale anywhere on DVD either. Let’s be generous and say it’s worth $10 bucks.

$41.55 retail value vs the $25 paid for the subscription.

Value wise it’s not bad. Of course, content quality is up to the viewer. I find that Species, even if it’s the older release, and Hatchet 3 are the real movies here. I find limited value in Asylum films and what is essentially just a collection of Youtube horror shorts. Horrorpack ships in a cardboard box and seems to be pretty safe even though my Species Blu-ray was slightly cracked

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