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One Dark Night (1983) Coming to Blu-ray!




Code Red has announced on their Facebook that they are releasing the 1983 horror film One Dark Night on Blu-ray:

TOO MANY GOOD SHIT COMING OUT OF OTHER LABEL! Time for CODE RED to throw some gravy on the meatloaf!

BUCKETLIST FEVER! In conjunction from Multicom Entertainment !


with Meg Tilly, Adam West, EG Daily and Shandor!

In this spooky horror outing aimed at teen audiences, the innocent new girl in town tries to become friends with a rough but cool crowd. They are all pretty mean, especially the young woman who is mad that the girl stole her boyfriend, and they decide that the girl must survive an ordeal before they let her join their gang. They send her to a funeral home to spend the night by herself. Unfortunately, none of them realize that it is inhabited by a murderous ghost just waiting to suck the life out of all of them.