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November 2017 HorrorPack

I forgot to post last months Horror Pack so I might go back and add a quick post giving out the contents. But the November 2017 HorrorPack gives us Arnold Schwarzenegger protecting his zombie daughter, Mario Batali in a non-food channel production, Jeffrey Combs and ex-pornstar Sasha Grey attending a dinner party, and a thriller film about a small-town barber.

  • Maggie (Looks to be the Canadian Version since the cover has English and French on it)
  • Would You Rather
  • The Barber
  • Bitter Feast (HorrorPack Limited Edition Blu-ray)


I like to calculate the raw value of savings whenever I get my horror pack.

First up is the Canadian version of Maggie. This goes for $9.99 on Amazon currently but I’ve seen this movie in every bargain bin around town. I believe it was also streaming on Netflix not too long ago (it’s no longer there at the time of this posting). This is a $5 blu-ray— make no mistake about that. But we’ll use the current price at Amazon just to be nice. I also want to ding it for being the Canadian release because HorrorPack is suppose to be a U.S. service.

Next up is MPI release of Would You Rather. It currently goes for $13.99 on Amazon.

The Barber is a release from Arc Entertainment and currently goes for $11.45 on Amazon.

Bitter Feast is the HorrorPack Limited Edition Exclusive so it doesn’t have a Blu-ray release but it does have a DVD release. The DVD currently goes for $7.99. I don’t believe this would be an expensive title either but let’s give it an estimated value of $13.99 (to match Would You Rather)

$49.42 retail value vs the $25 paid for the subscription.

This is a pretty poor month for HorrorPack. Which is a shame because last month was pretty good. I guess that’s how it goes with these subscription boxes. Until next time.


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