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Lionsgate Announces Two More Titles to the Vestron Lineup!

rotld3 chud2_poster

Lionsgate Home Entertainment has revealed that it plans to add two new titles to its recently announced Vestron Video Collector’s Series: Ritch Shydner’s C.H.U.D. II: Bud The Chud (1989) and Brian Yuzna’sReturn of the Living Dead 3 (1993).

Supplemental features to be included on the upcoming releases have not yet been announced.

Return of the Living Dead 3

In Return of the Living Dead Part 3, the chemical Trioxin turned people into flesh eating zombies. Now the government is trying to control these unstoppable cannibalistic killers. The splatter-fest starts when a young man uses the chemical to bring his girlfriend back to life. It’s a state of the art special effects show as she starts a chain reaction of the living dead by eating the only thing that will nourish her… human brains. Starring Melinda Clarke, J. Trevor Edmond, Kent McCord, Basil Wallace, and Sarah Douglas.


C.H.U.D. II: Bud The Chud

The ‘Cannabalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers’ are back – in this case Bud, a C.H.U.D. who is stolen and brought to life by some students. He’s soon healthy enough to resume his flesh-eating activities. Starring Brian Robbins, Bill Calvert, Tricia Leigh Fisher, Robert Vaughn, Bianca Jagger, Larry Linville, and Gerrit Graham.