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Killer Workout Headed to Blu-ray Courtesy of 88 Films!



88 Films has announced that they will be releasing Killer Workout on Blu-ray!

Surprise Announcement #3 – For Q2 (DVD only)


Also known as AEROBICIDE, this heady mix of exercise and innards does exactly what it says on the tin, as a host of super-permed spandex-wearing sirens are stalked and sliced by a sicko with a thing for eighties hair-dos and Jane Fonda workout regimes! Made in 1987, just as the golden age of teen-kill flicks was coming to its conclusion, KILLER WORKOUT was helmed by B-movie maverick David A. Prior – whose CV also includes the action epic DEADLY PREY and Pamela Anderson’s notorious trash totem RAW JUSTICE. Yet it is this splatter-tastic schlock-fest that continues to be a certified fan favourite – and, after watching this lovingly restored 88 Films presentation of a VHS staple, you will most certainly understand why! Touch your toes, raise your arms and get ready to sweat because KILLER WORKOUT is back to cut out a place in your movie-maniac loving heart as part of the Slasher Classics Collection!

Source: Facebook

I assume this release will be region locked to the U.K. since Slasher // Video has had a Blu-ray release of the film since 11/15. You can pick up a copy of the Slasher // Video release  at Amazon.