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Final Specs for 88 Film’s Upcoming Release of Scalps!

scalps_blurayFrom their Facebook:

Scalps – Slasher Collection 19 Final Specs (Blu-ray and DVD)

Now (finally) with a confirmed release date of 4th April 2016 – this will be updated on etc very soon.

A cut above many eighties “slasher classics”, 1983s SCALPS mixes splatter action with the supernatural when a group of college kids begin digging around an old Native American burial ground. Suffice to say, a spirit by the name of Black Claw was enjoying his sleep and does not react well to being disturbed!

A slaughter-thon that serves-up plenty of plasma-spillage and teen-trepanning set-pieces, SCALPS has been unavailable in the UK since the days of rental shops. As such, 88 Films is proud to bring back this low budget terror totem in a terrific new director-approved HD scan that will, surely, have tribes of horror fans hollering in happiness!


2K Scan from the Original Negative with Censored Scenes Restored via Tape Sources

Brand New Audio Commentary track with Director Fred Olen Ray

Original 35mm Theatrical Trailer

“Remembering Scalps” New 22 Minute Retrospective featurette with Richard Hench, Frank McDonald, Chris Olen Ray and Fred Olen Ray.

Justin Kerswell on Scalps: A Slasher Experts View

88 Films Trailer Reel

Reversible Sleeve featuring original poster artwork

Region Code: B
Picture Format: HD 1080p 1.85:1
Audio Format: LPCM Stereo
Language: English
Certification: 18
Running Time: 82 Mins Approx.