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Extras Announced for The House That Screamed!



We can officially announce today our final list of extras on our release of THE HOUSE THAT SCREAMED–a 1970 slasher film that clearly had some influence on Argento’s Suspiria years later. Street date is December 27th.

• Two versions of the film:
– Theatrical version (in HD – 94 mins)
– Extended version (in HD with Standard Definition inserts – 104 mins)
• Interview with actor John Moulder-Brown
• Film Festival Q & A with actress Mary Maude
• Theatrical Trailer/TV Spot
• Radio Spots
• Still Gallery

Our new transfer was done from a CRI film element. The inserts came from an SD master, which was the only element we could find.

We hope you enjoy our presentation and we’re very excited to be being this long-lost cult favorite in the best light possible.

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