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88 Films to release Drive-In Massacre on Blu-ray

A year before the slasher boom really hit its stride with John Carpenter’s legendary trendsetter HALLOWEEN, there was DRIVE-IN MASSACRE – an early slice and dice prototype that is finally achieving its rightful reappraisal courtesy…

sleep away camp 2 bluray

88 Films to release Sleepaway Camp II Blu-ray

Back in the heyday of horror franchises, one little slasher classic changed the gore-game entirely – 1988’s body count bonanza SLEEPAWAY CAMP II: UNHAPPY CAMPERS.┬áLong before Wes Craven’s masterful SCREAM (1996) turned the slice and…

nightmare in the damaged brain_88films

88 Films Delays Nightmares in a Damaged Brain

88 Films released the following on their facebook today. Our first announcement is actually an apology. We have had to put Nightmare in a Damaged Brain back a few weeks as we have been trying…

sleep away camp 3 bluray

Sleepaway Camp III Coming to Bluray from 88 Films

The death and destruction continues in 1989’s darkly comedic, and thoroughly demented, sequel SLEEPAWAY CAMP III: TEENAGE WASTELAND Once again returning as the riotous Angela Johnson, star Pamela Springsteen just cannot seem to keep away…

88 Films 2016 releases

88 Films Announces New Titles For 2016

88 Films has announced the following titles to be released in early 2016. No dates or details yet but the following titles are Creepshow 2 Evilspeak (with a new Graham Humphreys sleeve) Flesh Eating Mothers…