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Burt Reynolds Navajo Joe Headed to Blu-ray!



Release date 27th March 2017

Navajo Joe – Blu-ray and DVD

Fearless, Savage, Brutal. He’s the only survivor of a blood-drenched massacre and he’s on a relentless vendetta to avenge the death of his wife and his people. Consumed by hatred, driven by violence, his name is Navajo Joe and he wants a dollar for every head he rolls and every skull he splits.

Directed by the creator of the legendary spaghetti western Django (Segio Corbucci) and written by the man responsible for Milano Calibre 9, (Fernando di Leo), Navajo Joe is a dark, violent and unforgettable cult western like you’ve never seen before. It features Burt Reynolds in only his second leading role. Fast paced, action packed and highly original, Navajo Joe is presented here from a new HD master for the very first time.

Restored HD master
Original Stereo Soundtrack
Original Trailer
Reversible Sleeve with Alternate Artwork

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