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Hellraiser: Hellseeker DVD Comparison

Budget DVD companies can be either a godsend or a pain in the ass for DVD collectors. On one hand they deliver movies to you cheap enough that you won’t mind the downgrade in quality for the titles. Another plus is that they release titles that for the most part wouldn’t see a legit release from bigger companies.

One of the downsides of budget labels to me personally is the means they use to hit a price point. The more movies they can cram on a DVD the more money they can get or the better chance it will sell. We’ve all seen this. Four, eight, twelve movies for the price of one! Sounds good on paper but once you get it home most will be unimpressed and will end up just tossing it aside.

For the most part, I understand that when I buy a budget release collection I know that I will be getting heavily compressed/artifact copies of these movies. In some cases I will be getting the full screen version of a movie I know that was already released in widescreen. But there are still certain things that irk me.

Originally owned by Miramax and distributed by their Dimension Films, The Hellraiser series is currently being licensed for release by Echo Bridge Entertainment. While most of the Hellraiser films are almost identical to the Dimension Film version(sans extras) – Hellraiser: Hellseeker immediately popped out to me as terrible. It seems the full screen screen transfer of the film was used; however Echo Bridge has squashed the image to make it fit into widescreen.

I know what some people are going to say. “It’s a terrible sixth sequel of a franchise that started sucking after the first one.  Does it matter that much?”
Yes, yes it does.

Feel free to click on each photo to enlarge it.  Top Row is from Echo Bridge and the bottom is the Dimension release. The difference between the transfers is as clear as night and day.